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  • May 2013 - ERCo Vice President, Arel Weisberg, to Present an Invited Talk at SciX 2013 on Industrial Applications of LIBS
    Arel Weisberg, Ph.D., Vice President of ERCo, will be an invited speaker at the North American Society for Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (NASLIBS) symposium at the SciX 2013 conference in Milwaukee, WI in September.  Dr. Weisberg will be speaking about ERCo's industrial applications of LIBS technology.
  • January 2012 - ERCo moves to its New Location in Plainfield, NJ
    ERCo has moved to its new location in Plainfield, New Jersey, an exciting milestone in the company's history.
    This new location has twice the office space and twice the laboratory space of the company's previous facility in Staten Island. With this new facility, ERCo is poised for growth and expansion in 2012 and beyond.
  • ERCo joins the Center for Resource Recovery & Recycling (CR3)
    (April 2010) 
    ERCo has joined CR3, an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center supported in part by the National Science Foundation.  CR3 will develop technologies that will improve materials recovery and recycling.  CR3 has a number of industrial partners and currently two universities: Worcester Polytechnic and the Colorado School of Mines. The CR3 website is https: //www.wpi.edu/academics/Research/CR3/about.html
  • Strategic Partnership Formed
    (January 2010)

    Energy Research Company (ERCo) and Applied Photonics Ltd. (APL) are pleased to announce that they will combine their technical resources in a strategic partnership to better serve the Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) market. ERCo and APL will jointly sell APL’s LIBSCAN and related components. ERCo and APL will also offer joint technical services which will cover both North America and Europe,
  • ERCo Awarded Project Through NIST’s TIP Program (January 2010) 
    ERCo, along with its partners, wTe (Bedford, MA) and National Recovery Technologies, Inc. ( Nashville, TN), were awarded a $11.5 million research project to develop advanced sensor technology to recycle aerospace metals such as titanium and nickel-cobalt superalloys.




Welcome to ERCo

Energy Research Co. (ERCo) has developed laser diagnostic technologies to measure in-situ and in real time the chemistry of materials!

Energy Research Company (ERCo), formed in 1991, is a small high-tech company that conducts research in industrial energy and emissions related areas. ERCo has a number of federal and state R&D technology contracts as well as funding from commercial sources. ERCo develops technologies that it owns and typically licenses to others for commercial deployment. Also, ERCo consults to other companies on technology matters and assists them in obtaining R&D technology or demonstration grants.

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