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About ERCo

Energy Research Company (ERCo), formed in 1991, is a small high-tech company that conducts research in industrial energy and emissions related areas. ERCo has a number of federal and state R&D technology contracts as well as funding from commercial sources. ERCo develops technologies that it owns and typically licenses to others for commercial deployment. Also, ERCo consults to other companies on technology matters and assists them in obtaining R&D technology or demonstration grants.


Photograph of ERCo's innovative VFM furnace

Vertical Floatation Melter

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Developing strategic partnerships is important as it allows us to leverage our considerable R&D technology and federal funding know-how with companies that have facilities, commercial practices, or other complementary technologies. Several examples of our partnering are as follows:

  • National Laboratories - We are currently working with researchers at Sandia National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We share in their expertise and use their facilities.
  • Universities - We are currently working with a number of universities.
  • Private Companies - We work with a number of companies that provide us with a site to conduct a demonstration, license our technologies, and provide expertise and services to augment our staff.
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