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Custom LIBS Engineering and R&D


ERCo provides custom LIBS engineering and consulting services for both laboratory and field applications.  Please use the form at the right to contact ERCo for more information.


Laboratory Applications

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The popularity of LIBS as a laboratory analysis technique is growing, leading to many research groups purchasing LIBS systems or components without fully understanding how the different specifications and capabilities will affect performance for their application.

ERCo can provide expert assistance in developing the necessary specifications for your application before you make a purchase.  After the purchase, ERCo can help you optimize your setup and procedures so you derive the maximum analytical performance from your investment.  ERCo can also design custom sample chambers or sensor heads for your specific experimental needs.  Software development services for analysis of your data are also available.


Industrial Applications

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ERCo has extensive experience in engineering LIBS and other optical systems for use in challenging environments like manufacturing and power generation facilities.  In addition to ruggedizing the LIBS apparatus itself, these environments require control systems, safety interlocks, and user friendly software that can be operated by anyone familiar with a computer mouse.

ERCo provides contract engineering services to companies to optimize your apparatus and engineer the critical components and software to successfully move your apparatus out of the lab and into the field.


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