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Engineering Projects

  • VFM (Vertical Floatation Melter) - An innovative scrap metal furnace that reduces energy usage by 81% as compared to a conventional reverbatory furnace. Funded by the federal Department of Energy (DOE).
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  • VFM Decoater - Similar in appearance to the VFM Melter, the VFM decoater removes organics of any type from scrap aluminum and steel.
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  • IDEX- An innovative scrap metal decoater and dryer which results in a 56% reduction in energy use as well as reductions in emissions and dust formation. (Co-funded by DOE and NYSERDA.)
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  • Protective Coatings - A new coating developed specifically for high temperature applications in caustic environments. Other coating applications are:
    • Gas turbine blade protection
    • Ceramic sealing
    • Protection of pipes carrying high pressure, moderately high temperature oxygen

    Co-funded by DOE and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).
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  • Lexington - Consulting services to Lexington Die Casting Co. resulted in a furnace design that uses 47% less energy than a comparable furnace. (Funded by NYSERDA.)
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