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LIBSCAN - Features and Specs


Material Characterization System


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LIBSCAN is suitable for routine sample characterization use and, by virtue of its highly modular design, is also well-suited to research and development work and so will appeal to development scientists working on industrial, security and defense applications of LIBS technology. LIBSCAN can be operated in “open-

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beam” mode as a Class IV laser system or fitted with one of the family of fully-interlocked modular sample chambers as a Class I laser system. In either configuration the system can be operated with the LIBSCAN head held or mounted in any orientation offering further flexibility in the types of sample that can be analysed.




  • Modular and versatile design, suitable for laboratory and field applicaljons
  • High effidency plasma light collection opljcs (6-channel and 8 channel versions available)
  • Laser options: 50 mJ 1064 nm laser (LIBSCAN 50) and 100 mJ 1064 nm laser (LIBSCAN 100)
  • May be operated with sample chamber (to Class I laser safety standards) or without (Class IV “open beam " configu ration)
  • LIBSCAN head and sample d1am bers may be operated in any orientation


General Specifications

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More Information About LIBSCAN



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