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Lexington Die Casting Plant Survey


ERCo conducted a plant wide energy and productivity assessment of Lexington's facilities.

The areas investigated by ERCo included:

  1. Reverbatory furnace energy use
  2. Cost/benefit analysis of stack melter installation
  3. Gas fired oil heater energy use
  4. Replace/repair analysis of electric motors
  5. Cost/benefit analysis of recuperator installation
  6. Cost/benefit analysis of cogeneration
  7. Cost/benefit analysis of performing a plant lighting retrofit
  8. Evaluation of alternate electric power providers
  9. Preparing Lexington for NYSERDA funding requirements


The plant audit consisted of:

  1. Establishing an energy baseline - including instrumenting process equipment
  2. Evaluating cost savings and payback times for installation of new equipment and technology
  3. Helping Lexington secure NYSERDA funding for implementation of energy saving technologies


The audit resulted in:

  1. Lexington receiving a $250,000 grant from NYSERDA
  2. Lexington able to participate in the New York Power Authority’s "Power for Jobs" program with a 25% reduction in their electric bill.
  3. Lexington conducting a lighting retrofit, reducing their lighting electric load and improving lighting levels.
  4. Lexington receiving a complete catalogue of their motors using DOE’s MotorMaster program, which will allow them to track their motor’s operations, and guide them with an on-going economic analysis of replacing or rewinding motors as needed.



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