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Plant survey


ERCo performs complete audits of industrial plants, identifying cost cutting improvements, reducing energy usage and emissions output, and assistance in securing government financing for improvements.


Specific examples of prior ERCo plant surveys include:

  • Crucible Specialty Metals: ERCo has completed a plant wide survey with two major components: the study of the plant's process equipment (e.g. furnaces) and the study of the plant's utilities (e.g. air compressors, lights, motors). Partially funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Read More
  • Charter Steel: The team of Charter Steel, Wisconsin Electric, Energy Research Company and Capital Technology Information Services are conducting a plant wide energy audit at Charter Steel's plant (which currently expends $11 million per year in electric power and $9 million per year on natural gas). The survey has two major components: the study of the plant's process equipment (such as furnaces) and the study of the plant's utilities (such as air compressors, lights, and motors). Additionally, the study of the process equipment will look at both off-the-shelf equipment and emerging state-of-the-art equipment. First a tops-down approach is being taken which will study Charter Steel's overall plant including its gas and electric bills and tariff. Secondly, we are evaluating their processes by installing a robust data acquisition system to continually monitor furnace performance. We are seeking ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. In addition, we will be reviewing a number of emerging technologies being developed by DOE's Office of Industrial Technology's for the Steel Industry of the Future.
  • Lexington Plant Audit: ERCo performed a plant wide energy audit of Lexington Die Casting Co., resulting in specific recommendations for reducing costs and securing funding for improvements. Read More
  • Utica Corp.: ERCo completed a plant wide survey of Utica Corporation for the development of the optimum electric tariff, improving electric load factor, retrofitting energy efficient equipment, and evaluation of co-generation systems. This project is partly funded by NYSERDA
  • Bergen County Co-Generation Study: ERCo has completed a feasibility study evaluating the use of a co-generation system at Bergen County’s (NJ) new jail. Onsite generation is expected to reduce energy costs at the Bergen County Prison from $229,000 to $613,00 per year at current utility electric rates. ERCo is about to conduct the final design of the co-generation plant, which will then be let out for bidding. In addition, ERCo will be negotiating the prison’s utility rates with their current utility and others to procure the optimum package of electric rates and co-generation service.
  • Secaucus High School: ERCo (through its subsidiary) has completed the installation of gas-fired heaters to replace antiquated electric heaters at the Secaucus High School (NJ). In addition to the energy savings, ERCo will, for the next 10 years, provide utility rebates to the High School.
  • LED Traffic Light Replacement: ERCo (through its subsidiary) has evaluated and installed the replacement of incandescent traffic light signals with LED ones, greatly reducing energy use. In addition, ERCo is providing utility rebates for each installation over the next 10 years. ERCo has conducted these projects at Bergen County, Hudson County, and the Town of Harrison, all in NJ.
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