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Vertical Flotation Melter (VFM) Decoater


The VFM Decoater, similar in appearance to the VFM melter rapidly removes organics of any type from scrap aluminum and steel. High velocity gases both support the scrap in the VFM cone and mechanically strip off liquid organics. The high gas temperature vaporizes the remaining organics in a low oxygen environment. The organic laden gases are then sent to a afterburner to destroy the organics. The heat produced is finally used in the cone to drive the process. The VFM Decoater meets the EPA’s new Clean Air Act standards for dryers, decoaters and delacquering kilns. The major advantages of the VFM Decoater over conventional methods are:

  • Rapid decoating - scrap aluminum organics are removed in a minute or two, compared with 10 to 20 minutes of conventional equipment.
  • Small footprint - Being a cone, The VFM Decoater can be retrofitted immediately above a charge well and feed directly into the furnace. Very little horizontal area is required.
  • Preheats as well as decoats - The scrap metal exiting the VFM Decoater can be heated to almost any temperature which greatly increases the production of the furnace and reduces its energy use.
  • Little fuel required - Since the VFM Decoater uses the energy content of the organics themselves, very little fuel use is needed.
  • Meets EPA and local emission regulations



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